Meals on Wheels: Supporting Seniors to Change Lives for the Better

My philanthropy in regards to children has been well-documented here on my blog, I want to also express the importance of charities that helps another vulnerable population: the elderly. Like children, many elderly citizens depend on assistance for the tasks in life that many of us take for granted. Meals on Wheels is one wonderful [...]

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My Affiliation With The Children’s Aid Society

My family was introduced to the Children’s Aid Society by Melvin Seiden, a great uncle to my family and trustee to the charity. Although Uncle Mel wasn’t a parent, he was very dedicated to helping children all around the world. Melvin was one of the few people in my life that I really saw as [...]

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Big Brothers Big Sisters – The Power of Mentorship

Success isn’t something you achieve alone; in fact it’s the people in your life that directly and indirectly help guide you down a path to life success. That is exactly why the Big Brothers Big Sisters program was created — to provide at-risk youth ages of 6-18 from low-income, and single-parent households, a role model [...]

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